Last-minute holiday shuffle

Can we ignore that we haven’t posted in a year? Okay, good and thanks. We’re working on being more attentive to adding content to the blog since things are always being made but not always being shared.

Nonetheless, it’s that time of year again where we want to make all the things but don’t have the time. A few weeks ago I saw this video from our friends at Cotton & Steel and it reminded me of one of my favorite and fast projects – raw edge napkins!

So, after not having time for much else, I cut some favorite new fabrics off the bolts yesterday and by last night had 14 napkins done and looking lovely!

IMG_6108.JPGIMG_6115.JPGIMG_6116 copy.jpgIMG_6117 copy.jpgIMG_6118 copy.jpg

We chose two different linens – one metallic/mineral, one striped, also with a metallic thread and one of our new woven cottons, which wash to be buttery soft and a versatile drape. The bonus on the wider linens? You can get six napkins (18″x18″) out of one yard!

Allow the most time for cutting and trimming the threads post wash/dry. The video makes these seem like a breeze; they’re not terrible but it will take a bit to get the threads trimmed. Highly recommend some wine and a show while doing that.

Here you can see the glory that are these napkins – part of me wants to keep versus gift.


IMG_6122 copy.jpg

Too close to the wire and need some more ideas?

Here are three other small projects that will add that special touch without causing too much stress and also fill that internal quotient many of us inherent makers have. Bonus? They can happen this weekend.

  • Gift bags – they live on forever; we love drawstring ones
  • Totes bags with a preferred beverage inside – use french seams to save on materials and no raw edges
  • Zip pouches – pop in a gift card, your favorite lip balm or writing utensils

Some tips to make it smoother – cut your projects out one day, sew them up another. Just pick one project and do a bunch of them. And by a bunch, let’s say three or four:).

Happy sewing and Happy Holidays!

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