About Drygoods Design

Drygoods Design is all about you and providing beautiful fabrics, fast shipping, and friendly service. Drygoods Design is also home to make*do*mend, a full service sewing studio and event space. We pride ourselves on offering a space, both in the studio and shop, that inspires creativity, community and style.

Founded in 2008, Drygoods Design is dedicated to providing its customers with the highest levels of service, satisfaction and most of all, fun! We love feedback and would love to hear from you. Drygoods Design launched its first site in spring of 2011, followed by its first shop in spring of 2012 and our sewing studio in late 2012.

Drygoods Design is owned and operated by textile-loving lady based in Seattle, WA. It is powered by incredible staff and equally wonderful customers.

2 responses to “About Drygoods Design

  1. I am obsessed with your company! The fabrics are scrumptious and I am working hard to keep all the drool off the keyboard as I want everything! I am in the season of my life where all my friends are having babies (I have a sweet 2 year old) and equally love your babe goods!!! I am a blogger and am trying to expand my base, and would love to have you advertise on my blog. I am all things vintage, craft and funk! If this is something you do, I would so love to hear back from you! Many thanks, take care!!!

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