A little update on our #2019makenine progress

Since goals can help you out at times, we thought we best check in with ourselves on what we set forth for carving out time to make this year. We’ll do another update with the rest of the team in a little bit, but here’s where a few of us are at!

Kiyomi – they’ve kind of been on fire. Taking a look at their initial goals, they’re at least three in and with a few additions done too.

So from my list I have completed Geodesic Sweatshirt by Blueprints for Sewing, and a cropped Helmi from Named and the Alexandria Peg trousers by Named and tI have started the Tecumseh, but I messed up the colorwork (four inches into it) and have kicked it under my couch where it lives in shame. Random things I have finished that aren’t on my list: the Wiksten Shift both top and dress. I haven’t even looked at the other stuff I have on my list… (Julienne and I are too busy getting ready for #doubletroublefabric)

From Julienne:

Dawn Jeans and a self drafted dress rose to the top and that dress is beyond cute! Double trouble fabric questions? Look for these two in their #memademay posts starting next week on the IG!

From Keli:

Plugging away with finishing a Pinnacle Top is my favorite fabric, which is essentially secret pajamas – Brussels Washer. I completed my No Frills Cardigan and just love how it turned out. Scout from Kelbourne Woolens blocks up so nice! And currently half way through my No Frills Sweater. Not on my list, but equally gratifying is the new Wiksten Shift Top and I have to make the dress version now too, completed a quilt sample for the shop and a pair of Ninni Cullotes from Named in our black tencel twill, and lastly the Kabuki Top from Paper Theory.

From Robert:

He completed the Larch sweater and is already at work on a new sweater, and an amazing cowl. The Range Backpack is almost there and at least one quilt from what we’ve seen!

From Margaret, Amelia, and Mackenzie – we’ll be sharing more soon to see how the other part of the team is doing.




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