#2019makenine with the Drygoods team

Hello and Happy New Year!

We just sent out a newsletter to kick off the year and in case you don’t subscribe, we wanted to share with the rest of the internet land.

Some years January 1 hits like a brick, and some years you feel like you might just have a sliver of hope to be a little more organized and ready for what awaits ahead. No matter where you fall on the readiness spectrum, we’ve got you when it comes to your creative endeavors.

So how is everyone? Did you make it through the traditional holiday season relatively unscathed? We sure hope so. We’re feeling the pull to get going on the year ahead and make it as good as we possibly can. Are you with us? Goals, schmoals for some of us, and that’s cool too but as we chatted as a team and hearing what everyone wanted to make this year, or how they approach their craft, was really inspiring and we wanted to share with you, just in case it helped your creative juices get a little more hydration. More inspo needed? Check out #2019makenine on the ‘gram.

Here’s a look at what each of us as on the docket for the year:


From Amelia, who you can follow @ameliakroberts on Instagram)
I’m not doing #makenine, but I have three main sewing goals for this year:

  • I am planning to start the year by triaging my unfinished projects. Several things have gotten stalled partway through, for a variety of reasons- poor fit, not actually my style, a wrong material choice, etc.- and it’s time to decide what’s still worth it and to make space for new projects.
  • Related, I have two in-progress quilts I definitely want to finish. A tile block quilt for me and an improv/ scrap quilt for my best friend.
  • Establishing and protecting dedicated time for creative projects. You would think I do/ would, but I’m terrible about prioritizing things that need doing (or winding down with tv) to the exclusion of my sewing and drawing projects.


From Julienne, @papertornado on Instagram:
My goals are a seasonal make 9. I hope to average two-ish personal projects a season. The first two will be a quilt (first ever!) and the Tamarack Jacket (with a few mods). I’m hoping by focusing on just two projects at a time, it’ll allow me flexibility, flow, and also keep me accountable (hence the progress note section).


From Kiyomi – follow @thedappercrow on Instagram. I hate making goals, but I do understand the benefits to Make Nine as a way to focus all the creative buzzing in my head. This year I would like to work on projects I’ve already started but have had trouble finishing for one reason or another as well as throw in new exciting projects.
In no particular order:

  • Chi-town Chinos by Alina Sewing
  • Geodesic Sweatshirt by Blueprints for Sewing
  • Haori by Wiksten (I can’t believe I still haven’t finished)
  • Alexandria Peg Leg Trouser by Named
  • Tecumseh Sweater by Caitlin Hunter
  • Strathcona by Tara-Lynn Morrison (I literally have one sleeve left)
  • Belvedere Waistcoat by Thread Theory
  • Cropped Helmi by Named
  • A quilt, any quilt


From Mackenzie – follow @mackenziesasser on Instagram.
This year I want to try something new and make:

  • a punch needle pillow
  • sew a Kalle shirtdress (or 2!)
  • a pair of flattering elastic waist pants
  • knit the Dele Hat by
  • and the KrØlle cardigan by woolfolk.


From Robert, who you can follow on Instagram (@r0bbato)

  • Larch sweater – Plain & Simple by Pam Allen
  • Dustin sweater – wool and the gang
  • Socks
  • Range Backpack by Noodlehead
  • The Portsmith by Klum House
  • Season’s quilt class
  • Ellsworth – Brooklyn Tweed
  • Embroider and patch and sashiko my jean jacket and diesel jeans
  • Pinwheel mitts – Ella Austin/Loop Knits

screen shot 2019-01-08 at 10.29.53 am

From Margaret – follow @margaretci on Instagram:
I sew most of my own clothing, but my biggest personal sewing challenge has always been making pants for myself. It’s impossible to fit yourself from behind! No pun intended…
So, my goal for 2019 is to adjust a few good pants patterns to fit ME that I can count on as go-to basics. I have already made up two Lander muslins and Julienne (the fit angel) helped me with alterations. I am hopeful that I am getting close to finishing on those. Then maybe I’ll take a stab at Persephone. I have a couple of vintage pants patterns I’m considering too.
Other projects in my Winter Queue are: A Talvikki sweater in wool double knit; A 70s Stretch ‘n’ Sew (205) raglan sleeve dress in vintage wool jacquard; also knitting a Flaum sweater in Quince & Co Owl.
Here’s to 2019 being a productive year for all of us!
All the best,


From Keli:
I almost got away with not doing one but if each year has taught me anything, it’s that making things is essential and core to my mental well-being. Since three of these makes are carryovers from last year (and uh, em, possibly 2017, I feel like I can easily get nine in there)
My four carryovers are almost all knitting:

  • No-Frills Cardigan by Petite Knits (on the sleeves)
  • No-Frills Sweater by Petite Knits
  • Wharf Street Pullover from Texture
  • Silk Log Cabin Quilt

New additions:

  • The Pinnacle Top, new from Papercut Patterns
  • Another pair of Persephone Pants by Anna Allen
  • Another Sloane Sweatshirt by Named Patterns
  • A spring version of one of my favorite patterns, Wiksten Haori
  • The Riley by Amy Cristoffers (already have the yarn, just need to finish the other three projects:))

image-1-7 copy

Are you participating? Make sure you tag #2019MakeNine and if you’re using materials from us? Please tag #2019M9drygoods and we’re hoping that a fun contest/show-and-tell throughout the year might be just what we’re looking for to keep us on track! Be sure to check out @makeninechallenge on Instagram or check out this post.

Can’t wait to check in and share progress and hear about yours!

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