Connecting with our neighborhood

Hello! We have a fun project about to publish for the holiday making/last minute set of all of us, but first we’d love to invite you, especially those who live locally in Seattle, to help us provide a little more comfort to some of our neighbors. Here in Pioneer Square, the reality of an urban center is demonstrated everywhere. A bunch of commerce, both upstairs and downstairs, events, bright lights, and also the emerging crisis that we have too many people without housing. There are several organizations that provide services, so decision making is never easy but we wanted to work with a neighborhood organization that is not only providing immediate services for homeless individuals and families, but also work to transition them out of homelessness.

We contacted Downtown Emergency Service Center (DESC) to see what would be most needed right now. Our immediate thought were hygiene kits, but after more discussion, it’s socks, especially with cold weather afoot.  This thought came from that for the last six years, we’ve accumulated all the project bags that we make with our students during our This is a Sewing Machine class. And while this is only half, we wanted to do something with them that wasn’t selling them. Our thought was what better way to have them hold something that would be easier for the DESC teams to hand off to those they serve and also have a reuse proposition for those individuals.

Now through December 24th, we are holding a sock drive for DESC, and we hope to fill up each of the bags pictured below. If you drop off a pair of new socks for men or women, and choose to shop at that time, we’ll be covering the tax for you as a thank you for helping us give back to our neighborhood community. We hope to deliver the filled bags just after Christmas. When they need more hygiene kits, we hope to do a similar drive in the spring with the remaining bags.

Happy Holidays!


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