Part I of our holiday gift giving series

We’re not sure how many posts will be part of this look at how to balance handmade aspirations with the realities of the holidays, but we’ll be posting regularly over the next two weeks to help you navigate some ideas, how much to budget, and share some tips and steps to make certain gifts and save time while doing so.

We should probably first start out by saying that the word budget is a tough one. If you’ve made anything before, you’ve more than likely realized that we don’t really make anything (whether it’s sewing, knitting, baking, etc.) to save time or money. It’s about the process, the act of making and the act of giving such a handmade gift that makes it worth it, special and beloved. Much like the recipient, we know how special it is to receive something and that often outweighs anything else.

In our newsletter earlier this month, we shared a list of potential gift combinations. We look to often combine handmade with ready made. Our ideas shared, for the most part, are all short projects and hopefully, not too expensive either.

If you want to take a look at the list, click here. Our first look will be at the tabletop and kitchen. Within three projects, we’ll show you three different versions of hemming and finishing. Tackle a simple hem, make them reversible or attempt the often mystical mitered corner.

Early fabric picks…

Check back tomorrow for more!

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