Come see us in July – Anatomy of a Dress

We won’t go into the shameful nature of lack of blog posts for now as we want to invite you to come on by the shop and check out the July art show – Anatomy of a Dress. The opening night is tonight during First Thursday Art Walk and it will be up all month. Here’s more about it!

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JULY 2015

THE WHAT: Our July art show is a celebration of our first-ever Drygoods Design Book Club and the timeline of work of our incredible students. The book club was based on a recently translated Japanese dress book called, Stylish Dress Book: Simple Smocks, Dresses and Tops by Yoshiko Tsukiori. The goal was that students complete up to four patterns from the book over the course of nine months of class and additional time in the studio and at home. Over the course of the past several months, we found each student had their own journey and what many came back to was the true challenge and importance of a well-fit garment.

THE WHY: The book club came from our desire to dive deeper into what goes into making your own apparel while also creating an ongoing opportunity to bring together members of our beloved apparel sewing community. It has been remarkable to watch how each individual has moved along in this nine month journey, some with lightning speed and others realizing how powerful the responsibilities of life take over our ability to make time for ourselves, making each moment we get to sew and focus precious.

WHAT YOU SEE: On our wall you can see the timeline/anatomy of a dress. Be it simple or complex, a pattern, needs to mold to an individual body in order for it to fit well. Seeing how no two bodies are alike, there are examples of various fit adjustments that take place, be it at the bust, shoulder, hips, torso or simply length. Once fit adjustments have been made from either tracing the pattern or a muslin (or four or five or six), a final draft of the pattern is made before sewing the garment in a chosen fabric. During book club, the students were able to focus more on fit than ever and create their own sloper. A sloper is a personalized pattern piece, specific to an individual’s body. In the upper right corner of the wall, you’ll see these as a bodice sloper on oak tag/paper or tracing paper. A sloper, once made, can be applied to any pattern from there on out.

THE HOW: Just as in any part of life, this wall of amazing work, the book club and Drygoods Design couldn’t exist or persist without PEOPLE. Thank you to our lovely, talented and dedicated students Adi, Alaina, Anna, Beth, Carla, Carrie, Hanna, Jessica, Laura, Maija, Rachael, and Sarah. Without the hard work and commitment of our wonderful apparel specialist, Julienne, the ideas and concepts of Drygoods Design around this couldn’t and wouldn’t happen so thank you, thank you so much.

MORE? We’ll be launching our second year of Book Club later this month with two new books of focus – one in English (intermediate) and one in Japanese (advanced). If you’d like to learn more and be notified when registration is available, let us know!

More soon on other store events and haps!

One response to “Come see us in July – Anatomy of a Dress

  1. I wish that we had a local venue for a project such as this one is. I belong to the local American Sewing Guild in Las Vegas, NV and we struggle to attract garment sewists. Our local stores except for one do not offer garment fabric. None of the stores offer garment classes beyond the very, very basic ones.
    Congratulations and keep up the good work.

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