Radio Silence, the good and the bad


It’s been forever since we’ve been on the blog – for shame! As it turns out, since before May, we had been working out the details for a potential move. A dream space came true and then began a couple of months of all the legal and financial mumbo-jumbo which then led to the reality of packing, prepping, moving and more!

If you haven’t been on our mailing list or missed our news – we’ve moved! We’re so excited to be in such a beautiful new space. Our grand opening and the weeks since have been so fun!

So that’s the good of the radio silence. The bad is that we’ve been very delinquent in sharing all the goodness coming into the store each week. If you haven’t been in for awhile, you’ll notice plenty of new lovely items, including fabric and gifts!

Our winter class list release is just around the corner. For now, check out some of the fun we had just last week in our Shibori and leather painting classes.




We also just received our latest Little Orange Room delivery. The gold Seattle ferry tote is so good and our first Pioneer Square onesie!


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