What We’re Loving || Tuesday Delights 3.11.14

Every once and awhile, the gear is gotten and a post comes to life of some arbitrary finds on the internet. A goal of mine is to be more regular about it, however, I will only declare it a regular feature once it’s happened for more than three weeks in a row, how about that?

We are still loving our whales and narwhals in the window – if you missed it, a tutorial by Drygoods Design is up on the Sew Mama Sew site. We’ll be sharing the narwhal tutorial very soon.


The pops of color in this home sneak peek on Design*Sponge

It’s not new but this video can set forth a great vibe for any day, whether you’re young or wise.

Paunnet’s adaptation to the Deer & Doe Belladone dress.

Noodlehead’s round up of sewing notions, many of which we swear by here.

This recipe. Okay, it’s hardly a recipe but wonderful nonetheless. Kids who swear they don’t like nuts downed whole cashews by the mouthful without recognition:).

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