Latest News and Updates for Classes

Today we launched our spring schedule for make*do*mend and to say we’re excited for this round of classes would be an understatement. Not only do we have some our perennial favorites on the schedule, we also have a ton that are new in apparel, crafts, modern quilting and general sewing. Now that we’ve settled into the New Year, it’s time to get in motion on our creative goals!

In case you miss it in the class listings, we are now offering 15% off materials purchased at Drygoods Design when you enroll in a class. How nice is that?

We also have some fantastic guest instructors lined up, including another class with Sanae Ishida – this time on women’s apparel (it also includes the book)! And the lovely Blair Stocker will be teaching a project from her new (and first) book, Wise Craft.

Head on over to the site to check out class, both by listing and on the calendar.

appliquepillowcurrent dsc_0023_371 metallicpouch logcabin1

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