Happy New Year – what a difference a year makes

Happy New Year! Rather than look back, although 2013 had plenty of goodness within it, it’s the beginning of a calendar year that always brings about a sense of possibility. You hear spring cleaning but really, it always seems that the arrival of fall and the arrival of the new year which bring more of that sense of renewal, evaluation and possibility of change.

Here at Drygoods Design, it’s the truth of how we’re looking at the year ahead. There’s so much to do and sew! The last few weeks of 2013 were spent helping our wonderful customers get ready for the holidays as well as building what might be my favorite window of ours yet. After going 3-D last January, I’ve realized that anything less just isn’t going to cut it. It’s winter – cold, blue, grey and being in Ballard, the water and some it’s more marvelous creatures just seemed to be right.20140107-213228.jpg20140107-213303.jpg

So what’s ahead in 2014? Do you have any lofty goals – be it sewing, traveling, progressing, savoring? In the past few years, you see more people shy away from resolutions since they have such a bad rap for not being fruitful, however, I think it’s not a bad idea if in the least, they’re approached as goals.

In the next few weeks and months you’ll see a few changes around make*do*mend where we’ll be refreshing all of our supplies (stay tuned for a studio sale on lightly used sewing tools), changing things around and getting to it on our spring classes! Online and in store at Drygoods Design, we’re going to have even more apparel fabrics coming and special goods. Anyone ready for leather, waxed canvas and more ideas?

Speaking of fabric – the latest of our Liberty Tana Lawns are insanely gorgeous. As are Garden by Ellen Luckett-Baker and new Art Gallery arrivals.


So whatever you’re up to in 2014 – here’s to making it what it needs to be for you. Creatively, we hope it’s a fantastic one that’s full of fun and inspiration and little of guilt and feeling like you need to to do more.

Thanks for being a part of our world, we truly love getting to see what you love and do with fabric and ideas!

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