A Lace Love Letter: Perennial Fabric Garland

At Drygoods Design, we love some garland action. It’s a rare moment where you can’t see one at the shop. As we worked to get our holiday/winter window install ready, I kept wanting something to reflect snow, ice or the like but didn’t have a ton of time to make anything else, such as snowflakes, stars, etc. After receiving some new metallics and a gorgeous lace, a perfectly simple plan came together.





The fabrics used are the following, which we recommend a quarter yard of each for a nice, long garland (or two), and we cut the strips about 1.5 inches wide by 11 inches long. The two apparel fabrics will have a little extra left over for more fun or trim on another project.

Dear Stella Gilt Trip Linework (Metallic)

Dear Stella Confetti Sparkle White

Dear Stella Confetti Sparkle Cream

Micro Stripe Sheerweight Metallic Silver 45″

Cotton and Poly Lace Stripe Ivory 58″

Add a few yards of ribbon or whatever you wish for the “rope” of the garland and you have a beautiful element for the holidays, a wedding or just a room where you want a touch of shine and movement. The combinations of the white and cream and gold and silver are dreamy. The lace just takes it to the next level.


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