Falling into Pattern: A delayed Quilt Market recap

While many have already shared the latest and greatest of what took place in Houston last month (I can be the slowest of slow, so my pattern is to fall behind), I still wanted to share some of my top picks/impressions from market and share a little of what’s headed in to the physical and virtual shelves of Drygoods Design.

If you watch gripping or captivating shows, you may come across those episodes that don’t have the same momentum or action as most. I have always called those setup or transitional episodes and if I had to define/sum up this past market, that would be the best way to describe it. As it felt as though it was setting up for something bigger in months to come.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there was some exciting news and beautiful fabric to be had but I think it really speaks to a continued and more noticeable sea change in the industry. How does a very traditional industry gracefully transition to serving its longtime customer base while meeting (but not overly so) the needs of its new, more modern one? I could type your eyes off on this subject but my goal isn’t to be incredibly philosophical or go too deep here, but it seems that this market represented a temporary time of being confounded.

Many beloved people are part of the market experience, and I feel so lucky to see friends and meet new ones each trip. Since it would be a three-page post on all the personalities, I will keep it to the news and fabric that had me riled up while walking the floors of the George R. Brown Convention Center.

Finally, the news is officially out about five amazing women working with a traditional company: Cotton + Steel


As always, Cloud9 offers up prints and motifs that are memorable and on order:)


New colors and scale from Lotta Jansdotter

Tomotake, Ellen Luckett-Baker, and Project by Cotton from our folks at Seven Islands (the new Muddy Works by Tomotake below):


Printed textures from Andover:


And my favorite booth (Green Bee Patterns) for taking fabric out of the equation and making it all about the construction and details


As we receive fabrics shared at market, such as the recently received Anna Maria Horner Dowry, we’ll let you know or feel free to visit the site anytime to check in…

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