Let’s Get Serious: Apparel Sewing for Fall

We want to sew apparel, right? But we want to get done fast, right? Well, good things take work but that work can be fun and so gratifying. Thanks to the lovely patterns from Colette (one of our perennial favorite sources for cute, fun and approachable apparel sewing), we’re offering a great assortment of apparel classes in the next couple of months.

The Laurel: Your gateway into advanced beginner apparel. You’ll learn sleeves, invisible zippers, darts and general fit tips. The verdict is out – the Laurel is versatile, a great fit and as comfortable as pajamas! Class is two sessions and starts October 18th! (just a couple of spots so grab them now)

Photo Oct 01, 10 15 19 AM

The Negroni: Finally, a great men’s shirt pattern that can easily be short-sleeved or long-sleeved (we’re putting brushed cotton wovens to work for fall). You’ll learn general fit, button holes, pockets, plackets and more! Class is two sessions and starts November 2nd.


The Hawthorn: One of the most clever and compelling patterns to come along in some time. We love the silhouette and all that this pattern can be! It’s a three session class so you can really dig your teeth and get it done! Starts November 1st (Just a couple of spots left, grab them now)


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