Drygoods Design Online gets a new look!

After more than a year of planning and prep, it’s finally gone live – the new online home of Drygoods Design!! Excitement, relief and a look towards more functionality features in the months to come are dancing in the mastermind but for now – go and enjoy and let us know how you like it! Here are some of the new features!

-Payments: We now accept all major credit cards without requiring PayPal processing, which means you can enter in separate billing and shipping while keeping all of your information secure. And if you love PayPal, never fear, you can still use PayPal as your payment gateway.
-Accounts: now include wishlists! Keep track of your favorites and send to folks who might, just might, want to gift you with your favorite products. Once you set up an account, you can create various wishlists and then start to add to them.
-Order Status: You can now check the status of each of your orders to see where it’s at, including tracking numbers and other order information in the notes section.
-Real-Time Inventory: Our new site and the store will “talk” to each other every five minutes. The communication will mean a much more accurate picture of the yardage available. You will only be able to order the amount of stock that is recorded as available.
-Fractional inventory: you no longer have to enter quarter or half yard increments separately! If you do order a quarter yard along, please be sure to note whether you’d like a running or fat quarter yard in the cart notes section.
-Class Calendar: a calendar view of our studio and class offerings
-Social Butterflies: There’s even more ways to connect with Drygoods Design and share, pin, like, plus and more for all the products you love
Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 10.17.23 PM

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