Better late than never: Spring 2013 Market Recap

Wow. Each market I think I am going to quickly post about everything I saw, possibly ordered and took away from my time on the floor. And each time I get stalled by not having the photos I want to share ready to post. Alas, it takes more than a couple of weeks to settle back in and decompress from the intensity, fun and exhaustion that usually makes up market for me.

This type of post is always hard to write because there’s so much that could be shared. However, I doubt that 99% of it is actually interesting. To be succinct, here’s a quick breakdown.

Trends: the birds just flew south for the winter. They are back and in flocks, smaller scales and much more ready for more than one use. A continued push towards richer colors, more substrates beyond quilting cotton and true trends like neon, zig zag and metallic.

New additions: Very exciting to see some new, smaller brands entering the market as well as particular companies turning the corner and having more broad appeal. This also goes for more pattern makers with a broader, and more modern sensibility.

The people: I am always stoked to get to see some of my favorite people in the industry as well as make new friends. Knowing that the fabric and patterns are designed by good, wholesome and authentic folks always, to me, makes it that more special.

The finally factor: Here’s my 20-second rant. I believe that those that quilt, especially in the more modern aesthetic, are some of the most educated consumers in any market, not just fabric. You, if you like to quilt, know what you like and can more readily see the use of each fabric or print. It’s the fabrics and prints that have more of a multi-purpose use that I hope will start to be a greater part of the market. And for one of the first times in the last several years, I saw more of those options and heard from designers how they thought about apparel, accessories and home, in addition to quilting when designing. We live in a pretty wonderful world; fabric is a perfect example of freedom of interpretation.

In the weeks ahead, we’ll be sharing some of the amazing we have headed into the store with July, August and October having the lion’s share of the deliveries. Until then, here are just a few of the prints, collections and sights enjoyed at market.



unexpected collection from Joel Dewberry



Violet Craft’s fantastic new collection: Waterfront Park



Peeks of Lizzy House’s delightful collection Cat Nap



Gorgeous, easy florals from Yuwa



Heather Moore’s (Skinny LaMinx) latest collection for Cloud9




Rae Hoekstra’s (Made by Rae) debut fabric collection for Cloud9 and in their ultra cuddly flannel no less



Rashida Coleman-Hale’s much-anticipated second collection with Cloud9, Koi



New Liberty of London Tana Lawn seasonal



Sweet Nani Iro color gradient gingham



Leah Duncan’s first collection for Art Gallery, a perfect apparel collection



Notion love from Yuwa


Rashida Coleman-Hale’s booth


4 responses to “Better late than never: Spring 2013 Market Recap

  1. Yes! Some of my favorites too! So nice to meet you at QM, Keli!! I’m seriously itching to get up to Seattle just to visit Drygoods now. 🙂

  2. I saved your mail to read– loved seeing your take on the Market! Super fabrics coming. Thanks for posting about all of these 😀 Cool to see the Yuwa and Rashida’s newest stuff.

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