Dreary day delights

I am a native to the Pacific Northwest and by now I should know that the first week of June is one of the dreariest. Mainly because it’s June and you expect it to be somewhat sunny, maybe overcast but when there are downpours, it just stinks. I also know because the Rose Festival in Portland experiences little to no sun. Go figure.

So the day started out like this as I headed to the After Quilt Market Show (AQMS) to write orders for the shop that didn’t happen in KC:

I owe everyone a Quilt Market recap but before I can write one here I need to finish my ones for True Up. To catch the Seven Islands one, click here. Nonetheless, I was stoked, yet overwhelmed this morning to finally decide upon my Free Spirit and Michael Miller selections. Hopefully you’ll enjoy too!

Afterwards, I decided to take advantage of being so south of town and stop by a couple of antique and vintage shops to see what I might find for display in the store.  I found some very fun items, some which I could easily afford and some that made me drool. If the images below don’t offset a rainy June day, I don’t know what would (except maybe a few of my kiddos:)).

And if my bar at home could look like this; that would be dandy!

The rain is fun when you have something fun to sew or read or watch, no? Here are some of my favorites of late.

To read and sew: two new and fantastic quilting books (I might finally complete my 2012 goal of a quilt) – Quilting Modern and Modern Patchwork both have NW roots too!

To watch: It’s not really new but might as well as capitalize on dreary weather and enjoy Masterpiece’s take on Wuthering Heights. It’s currently streaming on Netflix too. (It’s no secret I love MT and Downton Abbey.)

To sew: Vintage Inspired Skirt from Noodlehead – almost not intimidating and so fun! She has a ton of tutorials to enjoy too.

To read (no sewing required): Adore Home Mag from Australia

More soon!

One response to “Dreary day delights

  1. Call me crazy but I adore the rain, most be all that reading, and watching that rain allows us to do… It’s getting really cold here in the southern hemisphere, and we finally got Netflix so I definitely will give that Masterpiece a chance.

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