Offsetting a Monday: a few favorites

It’s one of those blurred days, the Monday where you wish it was still Saturday because Sunday is too close to the working days. With that, I thought I would go Maria VonTrapp style and share a few of my favorite things of late to make the thought of the to-do lists a little lighter.

Forgetting to buy pizza dough was the best thing we’ve done as it motivated me to make this recipe for pizza dough. Halved the recipe and it still only took five minutes to make, ready to use the next day.

One of the results:


This fabric collection. It’s almost counter to the simplicity to which I often gravitate but it’s practically art on cotton. Bonus, it’s vicariously taking me to France.


These prints by one talented artist.

This tutorial on saving a pair of TOMS – so cute! (via thelongthread)

This new quilt pattern from Fresh Lemon Quilts – it’s not even that she used Echo – it’s just beautiful, sweet and clean. Someday I will make a quilt, someday. Speaking of this, stay tuned – I have an interesting request coming your way.

All right, here’s a happy week to you all!

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