Shopkeeping – Figgy’s Patterns have arrived!

I am so excited to have my first selection of patterns be from Figgy’s Patterns! My jaw dropped the first time I ever saw these and I immediately pinned them on Pinterest. There’s so much to love about these patterns but I love the double duty of each. You get a top and a bottom with the Sunki and Ayashe patterns and with the Nituna jacket you can go reversible or lined. Shelly of Figgy’s Patterns is funny, sweet and wickedly talented. Bonus, she’s from Oregon (represent!!) and it’s always nice to have NW representation on the site.

There are some more apparel-friendly weights of fabrics headed in very soon. The nice part of many of the midweight and quilting cottons is that they really can serve as great material for apparel. In case you’re wondering, I ordered an extra pattern of each just so I can make all three ensembles for the little lady and the big boy the jacket.

Shop Now!


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