Shopkeeping: Extra, extra read all about it

To know me is to know that I am hesitant about inspiration quotes. However, there are a few that I do love, which help remind me why I am here doing what I love. The above is one of those keepers for me. It helps prioritize and focus all the ideas and activities that are continuously coursing through my brain and veins.

So why I am even talking about this? Because, I have some big news (to me) to share. Drygoods Design is going big time. Well, maybe not big time but I am moving into a larger space which will be open for retail hours starting this spring. Drygoods Design at Studio One (located on Ballard Ave NW, adjacent to Cugini Cafe) will not only provide Seattle-area customers with the opportunity to shop fabrics, handmade goods and packaging in person, it will also mean that online selections and content will grow!

My hope is that the above quote will continue to drive all that Drygoods Design Online is about and the future retail shop. I am so excited to share more about the expansion as well as photos very soon. It also means that there are going to be some AH-mazing deals on fabrics during the month of February. While I am just moving across the street, my back and that of my husband would like to carry as little as possible:).

Moving sale deals will be first announced tomorrow via the newsletter. Are you on the mailing list? Be the first to know about the deals by signing up here. If you’d like to join the retail-specific newsletter to know hours, events and more, sign up here.

18 responses to “Shopkeeping: Extra, extra read all about it

  1. Wowee! This is really exciting news and I know it will be a wonderful opportunity for Seattle shoppers and those of us far away! Congratulations and best wishes to you!

  2. Hurrah! That’s fantastic news! I’ll probably help lighten the load some…but I’m willing to haul some of it around, too. :>

  3. Ahh, so happy for you! You’ve only been an amazing seller via email, so I envy all those west coasters who’ll get to shop Drygoods in person — maybe I’ll make it out there one day! I’ll look forward to your email tomorrow:) Congrats, Keli!

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