Thank you and Happy New Year!!

There’s a great deal I could write about 2011 but I feel the most important thing to say is thank you. Not only to my incredible customers but many others. Without the constant support of my family and friends, Drygoods Design would have remained a dormant idea with no realization. Without the multitude of creative people, not only in the textile industry and sewing community but everywhere, there would not be the constant inspiration that injects energy into the work I love.

The holiday season and the new year approaching are perennial moments for celebration, self reflection, planning and hope. There’s much on my mind for enhancing the experience Drygoods Design provides among many other things, however as we take on the last day of the calendar year of 2011, all I would like to do is wish you the happiest of new years.



{Above: The Long Hello from Bon Appetit – one of the ways I will be toasting goodbye to 2011}

One response to “Thank you and Happy New Year!!

  1. Happy New Year to you too Keli!! It sure was an awesome year. I’m really happy I got to meet you and to enjoy Drygood designs: the store, the blog, and the sweet girl behind it all.

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