Tie one on: Rag Tie Garland

Just in time for the holiday season – this tutorial from my friend Shannon is a reminder of a few things. The first is that it is a fantastic gift to have cool, crafty and lovely friends. The second is that you can love fabric, use it, make things and not own a sewing machine, let alone thread and needles. Thirdly, there are some projects that can span many pocketbooks and ages. The rag tie garland is certainly one of them!

Before we dive into the tutorial – here are a couple of things to note, from Drygoods Design’s adjunct craft advisor, Shannon (here’s where I would link to find more about said lovely friend but alas, she hasn’t responded to our fervent requests for her to blog).

It may be one of the easiest ways to add festivity to your house during the holidays. Post the cutting of the fabric, it would be a great craft for kids since the tying of the fabric is a loop versus tied knot. The denser you space each knot of fabric, the bigger the visual impact of the final project. It would be fun to play with the density throughout the garland to make a fun pattern. The rag tie garland is also completely customizable based on the event, color palette and even length of the actual ties – have fun with it!

Supplies: Scissors, gold cord ribbon, six fat quarters, cut into approximately 2 inch strips (some of these would make for a great holiday garland, many of which are in the pictures).

How cute is this?

Thank you Shannon and stay tuned – another no-sew tutorial is up next. I can’t wait to make both!

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