From the trenches: Quilt Market wrap-up part deux – collections

I originally started this post back on the 2nd – it’s almost criminal to post it on the 23rd but here goes:). As the second installment of my Fall Quilt Market wrap-up, I wanted to start from where I left off with trends and move onto the collections that were compelling and inspiring and just too cute not to mention. It also should be stated that like children, I have no favorites, I love them all equally and appreciate each for their individual traits, I swear.

Prior to Quilt Market, I was most excited about seeing Lotta Jansdotter’s Echo collection in person. Well, expectations were met! I’ve longed loved Lotta’s work – her artwork is clean and she makes something so simple in concept beautiful and new. It is rare that I ever buy a third of a collection, let alone all prints. However, that’s how good Echo is – I bought all prints and colorways! The only downside is that it won’t land in the shop this month but soon, I promise.

Here’s a few snapshots of the line – it has a little of everything: geometrics, nature, sunbursts (probably another good trend to mention) and beautiful colors, including grey, mustards, mauve, marine, and turquoise.

The only other collection I have ever bought fully was Julia Rothman’s Miscellany from Cloud9. Cloud9 is truly delivering some of the most consistent collections right now, especially in organic cotton. I love that Gina and Michelle (who were truly delightful in person) don’t seem to be trying to fill any gap in the market, they’re really just producing great fabrics. And I think that’s what is going to have them leading the way for the industry in many ways. They work with fantastic commissioned designers, as well as leverage their own in-house talent with Michelle, and they believe organic cotton quality to be of the utmost importance. After seeing what’s coming early next year, I feel like I need a Cloud9 pop-up shop. Between Monsterz, Happy Drawing (by Ed Emberley), and Seven Seas we’ll all be looking for the nearest child to sew and buy for – you can’t believe the colors, prints and playfulness of all three. For the sophisticated yet not stuffy adult you’ll want to hoard Alegria and Simpatico. These collections will be hitting the shop in early 2012.

Next up is Japanese import. There are two main companies that distribute many of the coveted Japanese designers and some of the softest fabric around – Kokka and Yuwa Soten. Kokka will often have American designers, such as Melody Miller or Heather Ross. Many companies try to replicate or imitate what these two companies produce and there’s truly nothing like the original. Melody Miller’s new line – Ruby Star Shining is full of surprises and I am in the process of writing my order, which will include the typewriters for sure. Kokka’s in house designers always deliver on their prints. I love, love, love their children prints, such as the elephants below. They also had some nautical influences too. I ordered some Kei honeycomb prints from Yuwa as well as that fantastic grey and orange egg dot.

I mentioned two new companies in my earlier post – Dear Stella and Blend. Both of these companies have set the stage for a decisive approach to modern. They aren’t just hinting or gently going for more modern prints and colors, they’re full steam ahead. While Dear Stella is certainly more trend forward, they both have some beautiful fabrics that will be saying hi on the site very soon. Dear Stella is focused on the geometric prints and not only pulling together cohesive collections but also having some basic colors and prints permeate across every collection, which can make projects much easier. The pictures don’t do Blend justice as many of their fabrics felt multi-dimensional. One of the prints I see people responding to the most when I show pictures is the rick rack print – such a fun take on stripes. Dear Stella will be on the site next week!

From Michael Miller I think I loved these prints the most. It’s a perfect blend of Scandinavian and those fun new interpretations of primary colors.

I am really interested to see how they might pair with one of the other collections I am most excited for next Spring – Lu Summers, Summersville for Moda. It’s really incredible for the colors, the prints and the irreverence. Speaking of Moda, I am also excited for Quilt Blocks by Ellen Luckett-Baker (of The Long Thread Fame), and Aneela Hoey’s Walk in the Woods, both are also due out in spring 2012. What you see below is the soon-to-be released American Jane’s (Sandy Klop) Pez Print spectrum. I’ve ordered the grey, green, turquoise, pink and orange. The orange is going to look so great with the Yuwa orange and grey dot!

From Westminster it was great to see the fabrics that have just come in from Amy Butler, Erin McMorris and Tina Givens in person. There was a great floor pillow featuring two of the home decor prints in Amy’s booth. Annette Tatum’s new line Boho is also filled with some gorgeous color plays and it wasn’t until I saw this pillow that I made the decision to buy the Ikat prints – it’s rich, natural and a more classic interpretation. It’s in stock now! It’s been announced for awhile but Denyse Schmidt’s beloved Flea Market Fancy is re-releasing. It looks great and I love that they stayed true to many of the original colors but also offered but a few new hues in the various prints.

One of the bigger announcements leading up to Quilt Market was the first collection by David Butler (Amy Butler’s husband), Parson Gray. It’s a big departure for a typical quilting cotton collection and overall, it’s really impressive. There’s a great balance of geometric prints, muted but not dull colors and non-gender specific motifs. It’s been hard to make up my mind about which prints but hope to write the order soon.

What I missed and will be seeing next week at a post-market show – Timeless Treasures (namely new collections from Monica Lee, Samarra Khaja, Hoodie and more), Robert Kaufman, Alexander Henry, Adornit, and more in-depth looks at Moda.

Whew, that was a long one. I promise, just one more recap and then I am done:). It’s my favorite part – the people and new talent discoveries!

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