Current obsession: denton-weight fabrics

I was placing yet another order for the fabric I can’t seem to keep in stock and in my search came across these, to me, gorgeous prints. They’re Denton-weight,  an 80/20 cotton and rayon blend but 9.8 oz, which means home decor and can’t you just see a sweet chef’s apron, table cloth or fantastic dining room chairs recovered with these?

The fabrics retail for $16 and are 54″ wide. My question is – what do you think? Would you buy? There are more colors but these are the ones I just can’t get enough of right now. They make me feel like I can go here without hopping on a plane.

2 responses to “Current obsession: denton-weight fabrics

  1. Beautiful! I looked up washing instructions (cold water, air dry, no dry clean) so that’s pretty versatile. I’m curious what the scale of the print is?

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