Getting your chevron on

My love for chevron has been enduring and so it makes me very happy to see so much more of it out there in the marketplace. It’s now being called zig zag more and more too I have noticed.

The great thing about zig zag and chevron is that while it can be dramatic it doesn’t overpower its environment, be it a room or an outfit.

Just this week, we received a sweet shipment from Premier Prints which is predominantly full of zigs and zags. My favorite colorway – white with gray didn’t make the boat but will be headed for print in the next week or two. My pick is the blue and natural – it’s one of the most calming, serene prints out there.

Once Wed featured one of the most intriguing wedding cakes I have seen and I don’t know if it’s the styling and colors in the photo or the chevron detail itself but it’s bewitching. What could easily look like an update of Charlie Brown’s favorite shirt is beautiful!

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