I’ve got big plans, big plans I say!

A year or two ago we got our son this book, Big Plans, and it’s all I can do not to repeat the famous line, “I got big plans, big plans I say!” It’s been seemingly quiet here at Drygoods Design HQ and well, it’s time I dispell the myth. Yes, it’s true, the Etsy shop has been lacking updates along with the blog, but the real truth is that big plans have been in progress. Plans like business plans, expansion plans and so forth. In the coming weeks, I’ll be launching Drygoods Design Online – a delightful online fabric boutique. Not only will you be able to find some of the best fabrics around, you’ll also find great resources for sewing and do-it-yourself projects, Bread & Salt products, including custom orders, and an expanding selection of other goodies. Drygoods Design will even have a new home online where you can buy everything available but I’ll also keep up an Etsy presence too.

While the official launch date is a few weeks away, I couldn’t keep the news any longer. Join the mailing list by sending an email to info at drygoods-design dot com and receive an early adopter discount for the store launch!

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