Thrilled is a small word in comparison to our excitement to announce make*do*mend at Drygoods Design – a delightful sewing and craft studio.

We offer a full range of sewing and craft classes, including sew-by-the-hour and private event rentals and class selection. Contact us today to find out more about having your next event at make*do*mend and Drygoods Design.

UPDATE: We’re now open and full of possibilities for you and your creative endeavors! To see our classes go online to click here or visit the calendar. You can also visit the make*do*mend site at


gilt studio shot


7 responses to “make*do*mend

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  2. So excited to share in your next great adventure ~ I know make*do*mend will be a special place for sewers (crafters & gifters, too!) of all sorts. Congrats!!

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  6. I can’t believe it took me this long to come in! So glad I did and I am so inspired by your space, your goods, your vision and your ambition. You haven’t seen the last of me! ;)

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